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We get questions regularly about the difference between the industry standard Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider Technical Account Manager (TAM) and the Foghorn specific FogOps Technical Account Consultant (TAC).  The truth is that even though these acronyms are only

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Infrastructure as Code in Google Cloud

Why Foghorn Codes Infrastructure At Foghorn, we manage lots of customer infrastructure via our FogOps offerings.  Code is a great way to help make sure that we deliver consistent infrastructure that is repeatable and reusable.  We can version our infrastructure. We

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ChatOps – Contender or Pretender?

TL;DR FogOps is built around ChatOps, I thought I’d share why we chose it. Every time a new word is born, I can’t wait to explain why we didn’t need that word.  Especially words that aren’t really words; they’re just

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Optimizing Cloud Spend – When Context Counts

A little while ago, I was asked by a customer to help them lower their Amazon Web Services monthly spend.  They were currently spending about $8,000 per month, and set an internal goal to get that down to $7,000 in

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Security Groups got you down? Get Security Flow!

Here at Foghorn Consulting, we’ve been designing, implementing, and managing point to point security with AWS security groups for years.  Security groups allow an amazingly granular method of controlling communications between instances without being bound to using networks as filter.

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The Reality around Cloud Lock-in Risk

Recently I’ve heard many in the industry discussing the risks of cloud lock-in, so I thought I’d give my take on it.  I hope you find these helpful, please feel free to comment below if you have had similar or

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Get the most out of your VPC

A brief history of VPC Amazon Web Services introduced the Virtual Private Cloud for general availability back in 2009, but VPC has undergone a major transformation. VPC was originally designed to meet the requirements of enterprise customers with legacy applications

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Follow the CloudTrail

At re:Invent 2013 Amazon Web Services launched CloudTrail, a service which exposes the log files of all API actions that occur within the AWS accounts of those who enable the service.  Some might wonder why they would need such a

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Size Matters

We are a small company.  We make no apologies for that.  As our competition continues to raise millions of dollars in funds, give away their services to snag market share, and hire at a maddening pace, we have decided to

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Foghorn Gets AWS Accredited

In any new space, the process of building formal accreditation plans takes a bit of time. Currently Amazon Web Services has two courses for partners, a business tract and a technical tract.  As we continue to focus on being the

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