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Battle of the PaaS. AWS vs Google Cloud Platform

In the wake of Google’s Next ’17 event and the AWS San Francisco Summit 2017, I wanted to continue the AWS vs GCP comparison series.  In this part though, I wanted to focus on each public cloud vendor’s Platform as a Service

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AWS and GCP, Account vs Project Boundaries

  One of the most interesting differences between GCP and AWS is how each vendor recommends you isolate the blast radius of functional teams.  AWS will tell you that in all likelihood, you will need at least two accounts, but possibly

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Real World Cost Example for Google and AWS

In the wake of Google’s Next ’17 event, and a slew of recent Reserved Instance changes by Amazon Web Services (AWS), it seemed appropriate to compare to see if anything in the public cloud VM pricing has changed, or perhaps

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Business Risk? Or Assurance

With the announcement that Snapchat has gone ‘all in’ on Google Cloud Platform, Snap has incorporated this plan into their financial filings as an additional ‘business risk’. “Any disruption of or interference with our use of the Google Cloud operation would

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Who’s Managing your Cloud?

After designing, building and managing hundreds of environments, sometimes we get a little too deep in the weeds with our blogs. So I thought I’d share this article, which gives a high level perspective on how companies benefit from working with

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Infrastructure as Code in Google Cloud

Why Foghorn Codes Infrastructure At Foghorn, we manage lots of customer infrastructure via our FogOps offerings.  Code is a great way to help make sure that we deliver consistent infrastructure that is repeatable and reusable.  We can version our infrastructure. We

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