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Updates to VPC-in-a-Box

In case you aren’t familiar with the offering, VPC-in-a-Box is Foghorn’s best practice VPC design for Amazon Web Services; customized for client workloads, and delivered as re-usable, versionable code.  We’ve been delivering and iterating this service since 2014, and have

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Elegant CI/CD with ECS

As the industry moves toward containers as a deployment artifact, we need to modify our deployment pipelines. One of our clients, Blast Motion, is a great example of how this can be accomplished. Prior to containers, Blast leveraged AWS Elastic

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App Design drives easy CI / CD options

At Foghorn, we’ve helped design and develop highly complex DevOps solutions for customers. But sometimes, a simple workflow works very well. This was the approach we took with ClearFactr.  ClearFactr is a cloud native alternative to excel, specifically design for

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Terraform with Azure? Sure!

While it is possible to use a proprietary Azure resource manager template in JSON format to define your Azure infrastructure or an AWS JSON CloudFormation template to define AWS infrastructure, using a tool like Terraform allows your company to standardize

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Automating Cloud Passage firewall management

Halo, by Cloud Passage, is a great tool to ensure compliance across a hybrid infrastructure. When it comes to security, some organizations have made incredible strides to streamline and automate. But for those organizations who may not employ fully automated

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Disney goes Hybrid; Shares Challenges

Ian Murphy recently wrote a great article on Disney’s journey to the Hybrid Cloud. The lightning talk, given by Blake White,  highlighted the issues that many enterprise companies face when adopting some of the latest technologies, like Kubernetes and AWS, and

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Infrastructure as Code in Google Cloud

Why Foghorn Codes Infrastructure At Foghorn, we manage lots of customer infrastructure via our FogOps offerings.  Code is a great way to help make sure that we deliver consistent infrastructure that is repeatable and reusable.  We can version our infrastructure. We

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6 Things to know about AWS Elastic Beanstalk

ElasticBeanstalk is AWS’ PaaS, and it’s a powerful platform to accelerate application delivery in AWS’ cloud.  That said, I have come across a few things that have been stumbling blocks for some users of the service, especially as they try

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The Reality around Cloud Lock-in Risk

Recently I’ve heard many in the industry discussing the risks of cloud lock-in, so I thought I’d give my take on it.  I hope you find these helpful, please feel free to comment below if you have had similar or

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Highly Available Network Address Translation, that friend you love to hate…

if you care about security, you should care about NAT Who is NAT and what is HA? As we outlined in our last blog, Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) years ago and many advanced networking and

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