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VNet-in-a-box. Get your Azure workloads moving!

Azure for the masses Microsoft has come a long way in the past two years with their cloud offerings, and Azure is now a legit IaaS option that many of our customers are interested in. But the same blockers to

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When Security Best Practices Conflict – AWS KMS vs Whitelists

A while back AWS EBS encryption moved to using KMS (Key Management Service).  This was a welcome change as KMS is a great service that enables some interesting security models around different AWS customers sharing KMS keys and allowing each

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To NAT or to Proxy, That is the Question…

A Better Way to Manage Internet Access for VPC Resources Anyone who has run OpsWorks stacks with private instances relying on NAT for Internet access may have seen firsthand what danger lurks beneath the surface.  These instances will show as unhealthy to OpsWorks

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Security Groups got you down? Get Security Flow!

Here at Foghorn Consulting, we’ve been designing, implementing, and managing point to point security with AWS security groups for years.  Security groups allow an amazingly granular method of controlling communications between instances without being bound to using networks as filter.

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